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Rita Ora Talks Cher Obsession, Marriage & Filming 'Descendants' Spin Off

Our first guest ever in our new uptown studios has arrived and it is none other than the incredible Rita Ora! Rita Ora joins us to talk all about her new song 'You Only Love Me,' as well as her obsession with Cher, her marriage to Taika Waititi and leaving to film her part in a Descendants spin off.

"I love pop music, I’m a sucker for pop," Rita Ora tells Elvis Duran Tuesday morning, "And I love making great pop songs. The difference is I’m coming from a true honest love story... I’ve gotten married, I found someone that’s my soulmate."

Rita Ora also talks about leaving to film her part in a 'Descendants' spin-off where Brandy will reprise her role as Cinderella. Watch the full interview above to hear about that and Rita Ora's interaction with Cher!