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Bobby Flay Says Opening A New York Restaurant Is ‘On Top Of My Mind’

Celebrity chef, restaurateur and television personality, Bobby Flay, joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Wednesday January 11th spontaneously after getting a text from Nate asking if he was awake.

The chef who is currently in Los Angeles, was the go-to guest in studio that Elvis wanted to be our first of 2023 and first of the new year. However, after finding out that Flay was currently in LA, we had to call him to tell him he has totally missed out on the opportunity. "Your new studio is very shiny," Flay says after seeing photos of the new studio on Instagram.

After joking back and forth Flay actually admitted to us that he thinks about opening his next restaurant every day, and have it open in New York. "There’s not a single day I don’t think about opening my next restaurant in New York. It’s definitely on top of my mind every single day. Usually when something like that is on my mind it does happen..." Well we'll be waiting for it Bobby!

Before we let him go, we chatted more about his cat Nacho and asked if he was as rich as Taylor Swift's cat and more! Watch our full interview with Bobby Flay above!