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Bobbi Brown Shares Holiday Beauty Tips

Bobbi Brown of Jones Road joined us on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Tuesday to talk all about the importance of moisturizing and things you should focus on for the New Year.

"Think about what you're putting into your body," Brown tell the morning show. If there's a food that doesn't make you feel good, don't eat it and vice versa. "I have a green juice before my espresso in the morning," Brown says. Then when it comes to beauty tips for all of the holiday parties coming up, Brown says you should grab a black eyeliner, line your eyes and put extra mascara on. The she suggests you play with glitter. "If you look good in the red lipstick, where it." And she suggests if red lipstick doesn't look good on you, wear red nails!
Watch our full interview with Bobbi Brown above!