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Jax Reveals Surprise She Will Be Giving At Z100 Jingle Ball

Jax will be joining us at Z100's Jingle Ball this Friday at Madison Square Garden and she revealed the sweetest surprise for us when we see her.

While we had Jax on-air with us Wednesday, Elvis teased that he heard she has been crocheting and had a surprise for fans while she would be performing onstage! What we didn't know is that the sweaters are actually for us! Jax crocheted sweaters with Jingle Ball puns to give us this Friday. How sweet! "I have a little gift on stag for Jingle Ball but I don’t know if we’re talking about the same thing," Jax jokes when Elvis brings this up on the show today.

We got to see the one she made for Dove Cameron and safe to say it is amazing! Watch our full interview with Jax above and be sure to see her this Friday for FREE at our All Access Lounge. Doors open at 11am and there you can watch Jax perform for FREE as well as have a last chance to win Z100 Jingle Ball tickets!