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Sebastian Maniscalco Weighs In On Ordering Off The Menu

Sebastian Maniscalco joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Tuesday, December 6th to talk all about the release of his new Netflix special, 'Is It Me?'

This is Maniscalco's third Netflix special, but sixth overall. "I shot this in Las Vegas towards the end of the tour. I’m glad it’s done and I’m glad to retire that material, and now we’ll see what the special does," Maniscalco tells Elvis Duran. "If I had my choice I’d rather film a special without me even knowing it was being filmed. There is a little bit added. This one I performed in a tuxedo, I don’t usually perform in a tuxedo. The special adds a little bit of anxiety." Maniscalco continues saying he had to ignore a teleprompter while he was filming 'Is It Me?' "Ironically enough, there is sometimes a teleprompter at the special. And one time they said ‘wipe down your forehead you’re sweating. I didn’t cause I don’t like to stop and start up again."

Maniscalco also weighs in on our debate of ordering off the menu and gives us some insight as he was a waiter himself for many years! Watch our full interview above!