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Skeery VS Bald Freak Ronnie In Dinner Payment Fiasco

Today our show had a visitor, former producer Bald Freak Ronnie!

Bald Freak Ronnie and Skeery are the best of friends... But right now they're in a major fight over a dinner they had together. Ronnie has one way of viewing the dinner and Skeery another. The story goes that the two of them were out to dinner with a bunch of people. A woman they both know (Skeery knows her more) came out to dinner with them. When the bill came everyone split into twos to pay the bill. The woman Skeery knows who invited herself to the dinner party was partnered up with Ronnie. However she only venmo'd him half of the money and then Irish exited. The woman is refusing to pay Ronnie the other half. But who is responsible to pay the rest of their money?

Watch above to see how the fight escalates!