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Jo Koy Describes What Makes A Show 'Incredible'

Comedian Jo Koy joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk all about playing Madison Square Garden and his best show yet.

Last time we talked to Jo Koy, he said he would never step foot in Madison Square Garden until he performs in it. Well here he comes, Koy will be playing The Garden for their New York Comedy Festival. "Mohammad Ali fought there, [Michael] Jackson performed there.... It's the holy grail of any performer."

But what makes a show incredible for Jo Koy? As we're talking to him, texts are flooding in about the show he had performed in Tulsa recently. People were raving about how amazing that show was. So why was it different than other shows Koy has done? "I ad-lib a lot," Koy explains, "That night I was on fire." He even reveals he needed to show a special there in Tulsa.

Watch our full interview with Jo Koy above!