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Anthony Rodia Won't Deliver Jokes He Didn't Write Himself

We can't stop laughing when comedian Anthony Rodia comes to visit!

The comedian stopped by the studio today to chat with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show about writing comedy.

Rodia says, "I've had comedians give me material and I say I won't deliver it the same if it didn't come from me. I hear some comics now have a team of writers, I don't ever want that. Because if it didn't come from my brain, I'm not going to deliver it with the same passion on stage because it doesn't hit close to home. I'll have conversations during the day and I will turn it into comedy."

Later, Rodia talks about hating Halloween since he had children and how his dad feels about his comedy. Watch our full interview in the video player above and see Anthony Rodia at Caroline's On Broadway this weekend, October 28 and 29.