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Louis Tomlinson Reveals What He Does When He’s Not Performing On Tour

After delivering an amazing performance of new single 'Bigger Than Me' at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Louis Tomlinson headed into our Mercedes Benz Interview Lounge to talk all about writing this song, going back on tour and being super competitive in sports!

"That was kind of what 'Bigger Than Me' was written about," Tomlinson shares with the morning show fresh off his performance, "From doing the tour shows you do see how much these shows mean to people, how much these songs mean to my fans." When it comes to tour and even the small performance he did in our studio this morning, Tomlinson will have a full band everywhere he goes! Elvis asks Louis is there's more pressure on him if he were to do these performances alone onstage. Tomlinson says that he wants "to be able to experience these things with people," and having a full band helps him play the music he really wants to play.

Tomlinson also talks about tour, how during downtime you can find him and the band out at a bar or playing Top Golf. "I'm quite competitive when it comes down to sport," Tomlinson admits before saying he really can't golf!

Tomlinson's new album 'Faith In The Future,' comes out November 11th.