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Sabrina Carpenter Uses Emails To ‘Vent’ To Herself

Sabrina Carpenter joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Wednesday, July 20th to talk all about her new album "emails i can't send."

"I've always wanted to make albums," Sabrina tells Elvis Duran Wednesday morning, "There's something about a project." She continues, "I listen to vinyls and I constantly listen to the full thing." She also talks about how special it is to get to know an artist over the course of an hour. "I think albums are the most special thing in the world."

Carpenter says her new album is based off emails she actually would send to herself before finding a therapist. "I kind of used emails as an outlet to vent to myself," Carpenter says, "I was writing from a place that no one is going to hear anything."

Watch our full interview with Sabrina Carpenter above where we talk about the music video for 'Because I Liked A Boy,' as well as almost play a round of truth or dare?