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Andy Grammer Gets Messages From His Late Mom Everywhere He Goes

Andy Grammer is getting ready for his The Art of Joy Tour, but before that he's in the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show studios to sing for us and sit down to chat all about his life and family now.

Grammer tells us at the beginning of the interview that before his mom passed away, she told him to look for signs with Billy Joel in order to speak to her. Grammer jokes with Elvis that he hears from her all of the time with these messages. One of the most recent encounters was when he was on tour backstage

After his mom passed his own God mother came through as a support for him which is who this new song 'Saved My Life' is about. Listen to it, love it and when you're on TikTok send the song to someone who has saved your life!

Watch his full interview above as well as his live performance from this morning below!