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Ava Max Opens Up About Writing Her Most Personal Songs Yet

Ava Max joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Friday to talk all about her new songs and working with Tiesto on their hit new song “The Motto.”

“Everything I knew was gone last year and I had to regain my strength,” Max tells Elvis Duran Friday morning. The ‘Kings & Queens’ singer says “No one knew this, but I was in a very long relationship. No one knew anything about my personal life but now it’s different. Max just released her new song “Maybe You’re The Problem,” which she says is the first time she is really opening her personal life up to her fans.

Max also talks about her song “The Motto” with Tiesto saying, “He sent me the record last year and I called him and said ‘this is it.’” Max continues, “Obviously I made it my own, I’ve never done anything like it.. Everything is new this year!”

Watch our full interview with Max above!