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Tyler Henry Doesn’t Think The Future Is Set In Stone

Tyler Henry from Netflix's 'Life After Death With Tyler Henry' joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Wednesday to talk all about his gift.

"It definitely was a process," Henry says on his gift, "The best way to describe it is a memory that hasn’t happened yet." Henry became known as the 'Hollywood Medium' after a very successful show on E!. The medium has become famous for his visions and 'scribbles' helping celebrities and people with their lives.

Something interesting Henry said though was that he doesn't think the future is set in stone. When Gandhi asked a question about if he would warn someone that they were about to get into an accident he said that he doesn't necessarily think those visions will come true. "I don't think the future is set in stone," he says and explains that he only has a "goal of providing clarity... I don't believe in certainty."
Watch our full interview with Tyler Henry above!