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How Long Does The COVID-19 Vaccine Protect You? Dr. Oz Weighs In

Dr. Oz is back on our show to talk all about getting back to your fitness goals, the COVID-19 vaccine plus his new digital platform: OzTube.

"This is a massive wake up call," Dr. Oz tells the show how COVID-19 has made a lot of us question our current reality and figure out exactly what it means to be brave.

Back to fitness now, Dr. Oz actually just launched 'System 21' with an all new month long wellness plan to kick off your 2021. "Get into a routine," Dr. Oz tells the morning show, "The best programs are the ones that you do day in and day out." The plan combines intermittent fasting with aspects of the mediterranean diet and also includes exercise, sleep, and routine!

Dr. Oz also goes into explaining the COVID-19 vaccine and how he got it. He says although the research is not yet complete they believe it will last a year, maybe longer! He then explains how the first shot protects you for the short term and the second shot gives you the longevity that we are all hoping for!

Dr. Oz then goes into sleep, the topics coming up on his show this week and more! Make sure to watch above and to check your local listings to watch The Dr. Oz Show!