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Chance The Rapper Says Jeremih Having COVID-19 Was A 'Scary Ordeal'

Today we were joined by Chance The Rapper on-air to talk all about his virtual concert, his mixtape with Jeremih "Merry Christmas Lil' Mama" as well as his interaction with Dionne Warwick!

"I’m literally in Chicago we just wrapped up filming our Christmas special," Chance tells Elvis Duran Friday morning. "I grew up in city programming and I do have a deep love for the city..... Even if I wasn’t from here I’d pretend to be." While in his hometown of Chicago, Chance has been busy at work with this holiday album with Jeremih and his virtual concert!

Tonight at 9pmET Chance's virtual show will be released on YouTube and Instagram titled: 'Chi-Town Christmas.' The festive special will pay tribute to Chance's favorite childhood Christmas movies and TV sitcoms. Following the release of his Christmas mixtape with Jeremih.

Jeremih was recently in the news for having COVID-19 which Chance says was "a very very scary ordeal." The rapper says it's the 'heaviest' he's seen on someone testing positive for the virus. "When he was in the hospital for so long we were getting grim updates from the doctors. It still shakes me up to talk about it," Chance tells Elvis Duran.

Watch our full interview with Chance above where he talks more in detail of Jeremih and his Twitter connection with Dionne Warwick!