Darren Criss Says Elsie Fest Is The 'Jingle Ball' Of Broadway

Darren Criss always has so much going on when he comes into the Elvis Duran Show, most importantly though, on Tuesday, October 1st, Criss came in to talk about 5th Elsie Fest he is hosting this Saturday.

Elsie Fest is Broadway's outdoor music festival featuring stars and songs of the stage and screen. You can go to the festival, enjoy a glass of wine and singalong to your favorite performers - pop stars singing their favorite show-tunes and Broadway stars singing their favorite pop songs! Over the past 4 Elsie Festivals we've seen Lea Michele, Leslie Odom Jr. and so many other insanely talented performers. "The highlights have been watching the people who have been on our lineup go off and do incredible things," says Criss on the performers. "We had a song premiere our first or second year by my friends Benji and Dustin Paul from the University of Michigan who went on to win the Oscar, Golden Globe, Tony for Dear Evan Hansen and then did a song from that there," Criss continues, "I mean the first year was Lesli Odom Jr. of Hamilton. If you're looking for the next award winning star, chances are they'll make their debut at Elsie Fest. "It's like the Jingle Ball of Broadway," explains Elvis Duran and Criss together.

On this year's lineup you have Michael Feinstein, Cynthia Erivo, Anais Mitchell and so many others! Plus how can we forget we're getting a Darren Criss performance as well!

Watch Criss' interview with Elvis Duran Show below and be sure to check out Elsie Fest this Saturday, October 5th.