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Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley of The 100

This week, Tommy is joined by acting powerhouses Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley for a rare joint interview. They are best known for their starring roles in the post-apocalyptic smash-hit television series, The 100, which ran for an incredible 7 seasons. The internet crowns The 100 as one of “the greatest TV shows of all time,” and for good reason. Aside from this fan-favorite series, you can currently watch Bob in Love Me and In Limbo, streaming on Hulu, and you can catch Eliza on NBC’s Quantum Leap season 2 streaming on Peacock. Today Eliza and Bob open up about what they miss the most about being on The 100, how they are both eager to play their characters again, what playing the network’s first openly bisexual character meant to Eliza, what they have learned about themselves through being on a series for so many years, the moment Bob realized he needed to protect his mental health towards the end of filming the 100, what they want to see if a reboot happens, how they prioritize their marriage while being parents and having demanding careers, balancing feeling proud and successful of their work while worrying about what comes next, and something that they both want to share for the first time in hopes of helping other people feel less alone. 

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