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Bre-Z of All American

This week, Tommy is joined by the incredibly talented rapper and actress Bre-Z. She rose to worldwide fame playing Freda Gatz on the hit Fox drama Empire, working alongside Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard. Fast forward to today, she currently stars in the CW hit show, All American, now in its sixth season. The 100th episode of All American airs this summer which is an incredible milestone that many shows don’t have the opportunity to reach. Today Bre-Z opens up about how working as a barber led her to the opportunity of a lifetime in Hollywood that changed her life forever, joining one of the most popular shows on television at the time for her very first acting job, how she pushed fear aside to just focus on the job in front of her, creating original songs for her role on Empire, what she most relates to playing Coop on All American, how the show tackles real-life topics in a way that makes audiences feel represented, why its okay to not know everything, remaining authentic in an industry that makes it very difficult to do so, why she proudly stepped into being a role model for visibility among a community of people who don’t feel seen, the importance of disconnecting from time to time to protect her mental health, and a powerful realization she had one year ago. 

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