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Jamie Campbell Bower of Stranger Things/Horizon

This week, Tommy is joined by actor and singer Jamie Campbell Bower, best known for playing the highly talked about villain Henry, aka Vecna, in the smash-hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. His performance has forever cemented him as being one of the most epic villains in the history of television and film. Jamie is currently in the middle of filming the fifth and final season of the series. You may also know Jamie from captivating audiences as Anthony in Tim Burton’s 2007 gothic musical extravaganza, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and co-starring in The Moral Instruments: City of Bones, or from Fantastic Beasts, Twilight, and so many other impressive television and film credits. Today Jamie opens up about his brand new single “Home,” why he was delighted but also terrified to step into the country music space, how he often felt like he didn't belong while growing up and still sometimes feels that today, the fine line between maintaining privacy but also opening up in his music, a sneak peek into what filming the final season of Stranger Things has been like, if his voice ever gets hoarse from playing Vecna, why that voice is sacred to him, his brand new movie dropping June 28th called Horizon, why he wants to glamorize sobriety, the importance of embracing the beautiful moments in life, and how he is still getting used to all of the attention that comes with being on a hit tv show. 

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