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Influencer Gets Tattoo Of Fake Belly Button To 'Look Taller'

Photo: Getty Images

Tallness is a pretty desirable trait - so much so that people who are vertically challenged go to all kinds of lengths to give themselves a little more height. From putting lifts in their shoes to wearing vertical stripes, there are some easy ways for shorter folks to look taller, and now there is a stranger one as well - a belly button tattoo.

Thankfully, the tattoos are temporary but those selling them promise they can make a person seem taller. Colombian influencer Laura Mejiar shared a video of herself trying the method. In it, she states what translates to, "These are fake navels and it is a new trend that people in Asia are using. They place it higher so that the torso looks longer, so let's try it."

After spraying some water on the tat and applying the belly button, Laura says, "This is the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life." After looking at herself with the second belly button, she concludes, "I feel like instead of looking taller, I'm wider."

Commenters agreed that the extra belly button isn't impressive. One said, "[Is it] just me or does the fake navel look shorter instead of longer?" Another agreed, "did it make her look smaller?" Someone else said, "I don't think it looks like a navel."

Various sites are selling the belly button temporary tattoos for a buck or two, but most people who watched the video think even at that price the tattoos aren't worth it.