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Flying Sofa Filmed By Surprised Onlookers, Then It Slams Into The Ground

Photo: Getty Images

Intense weather can be pretty scary, but it can also be fascinating. Most people should take shelter if a tornado is coming, but it is hard to take your eyes off something so powerful. For that reason, when storms hit, there will always be people who film them. That's just what one man was doing in Ankara, Turkey and he wound up capturing something very strange - a flying sofa.

Strong winds hit the capital city this week and one gust wound up lifting a couch off one of the balconies on a 35-story apartment building. The piece of furniture took off and seemed to fly quite a distance through the air before slamming into the ground. The three-seater reportedly landed in someone's garden, but not before hitting a few buildings nearby.

Onur Kalmaz, who took the video, told The Metro, "No one was hurt, but we were pretty scared."

Commenters joked about the video, making references to Harry Potter and saying things like, "Need to remake Aladdin with updated mode of transport," and "Imagine looking out your window and seeing a sofa flying towards you," and, "Would love to sit on this couch and not land ever."

While no one was hurt by the sofa, at least one person in the region was injured by the strong winds, which also ripped out trees, pulled up roofs and caused other damage.