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Shaggy Describes The First Time His Wife Met Elvis Duran

Shaggy joins us on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show the Monday after the big game to talk all about being in a Super Bowl commercial and more!

Shaggy was featured in SBLVII's commercials this year for Jeep. His second year in a row being involved with the Super Bowl commercials. "Everybody has a Jeep story," Shaggy tells the show. However the million dollar question, did Shaggy get a Jeep after being in the commercial? "No they didn't get me a Jeep," Shaggy jokes to the show, "It's still early days there."
Well maybe after this interview plays we'll get you that Jeep Shaggy! Watch his full interview above including a funny story of Elvis FaceTiming Shaggy during the pandemic!