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Producer Sam Is Married, Hear The Wedding Details

Photo: Philip Siciliano

On Friday, November 25th, William Domke and Samantha Coppolino aka Producer Sam got married. With so much of the show in attendance, we were able to talk about the big day all day on today's show.

We all gathered at The Ryland Inn in New Jersey to celebrate the beautiful couple. We got to see Carla-Marie walk down the aisle as one of Sam's bridesmaids and Jake the (former) producer officiate the ceremony. The food was delicious, Danielle says her steak was cooked to perfection and I can tell you my chicken and mashed potatoes was eaten all up! And don't even get Elvis started on the beef wellington bites served at the cocktail hour.

Below, Sam gets asked 'Tacky' questions about things at her wedding. Did anyone at the wedding hook up? Did her and William spend enough time together? We go around the room and ask it all!