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Brian Baumgartner From 'The Office' Reveals His Favorite Kind Of Chili

Brian Baumgartner AKA Kevin From 'The Office' is in the studio to talk all about his new book, Seriously Good Chili Cook Book: 177 Of The Best Recipes From Around The World.

Baumgartner became a chili icon after bringing his 'homemade chili' to The Office and spilling it all over the floor. When it came to actually making his own chili, that only came in the past few years. "The first time I did it [made chili] it was a joke." Baumgartner says he took a photo of himself with the chili because "I mean pic or it didn't happen." He says he then "posted on Instagram and people lost their minds... People couldn't believe that I was making chili."
After going to the World Champion Chili Cook Off, Baumgartner decided to create a cook book entirely for chili featuring a ton of recipes that have won world championships.

Watch our interview with Baumgartner above to find out his favorite chili in the book as well as his favorite episode from The Office and more! You can reserve your copy of Seriously Good Chili Cook Book here.