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Lizzo Talks SNL, New Projects, And The Rumors She Hears About Herself

It's About Damn Time we have Lizzo back on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk about her new song, hosting and performing on Saturday Night Live and more!

"I was really nervous for weeks leading up to it," Lizzo tells Elvis Duran on the morning show the Monday after she hosted and performed on the NBC show. "Once I got in the groove, it was second nature to me." Lizzo said after meeting the cast, it became a "super chill" experience. Sh also said before the last sketch of the night someone on the cast said, 'Let's just have fun,' that's when Lizzo decided she was 'gonna laugh if it's funny.'

What's next for the pop star?! Lizzo just released her new song About Damn Time, but she also just announced her new shape wear line, YITTY. She says, "I guess I gotta come up with new dreams cause I’m living them right now."

Lizzo also comments on the rumors she hears about herself saying, "I feel like the rumors about me are compliments. like ok they be thinking I'm pulling. So no complaints, keep them going!"

You can watch our full interview with Lizzo above!