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Mike Posner Shares How To Enrich Your Life With Walking Meditation

Mike Posner joined Elvis Duran and the Morning Show today to talk about climbing Mount Everest, writing new music, and to give advice about how to enrich your life through walking meditation.

The singer not only climbed Mount Everest, but he also walked from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and the experience changed his life. However, Posner shared that you don't have to travel to connect with nature or to enrich your life. He shared advice on how to practice walking meditation and why you should start today, "You walk outside aimlessly and you're not trying to get anywhere. 5 or 10 minutes will do the trick. It helps if you leave your phone behind at the house. As you walk, try to connect to your breath. Feel the breath and feel your feet touching the ground. It feels silly in the first few minutes, but after 5 minutes you're so in tune and all of sudden you're noticing things you never noticed... You don't have to travel anywhere, there's so much to experience deeper wherever you are."

Posner also shared that he never stopped writing music while on his travel journey, "I was always writing on my own. I was living in little towns and mountains so what I couldn’t do was collaborate. I love writing alone - I write some of my best stuff alone - but now I get to collaborate."

Can't wait for his new song "Home" out April 8! Check out our full interview with Posner in the Mercedes-Benz Interview Lounge in the video player above.