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Who Bought The Most Stuff For $20 And Coupons

Our Coupon Wars has come to an end, but who is the winner?!

Scotty B and Diamond were against each other in this coupon war! After being given $20 from Elvis Duran, they had to take to their coupons and buy the most stuff. Although it was never really explained how one person could win. Here is what these two came up with...

Scotty B - Actual retail price $56.82, with coupons and savings he was able to give Elvis back $20 AND was owed $8.89

Diamond- Actual retail price $90.93 with coupons and savings she originally brought the total to $19.10, but just in case the rules were different she had a second secret order prepared. Using cashback she was able to take her $21.02 purchase to just $1.02.

So who do you think won?! Let us know in the comments!