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Charlie Puth Reacts To Old Radio Jingles

Charlie Puth joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Tuesday to talk all about his song Light Switch, an upcoming emotional song as well as reacting to old radio jingles.

"I wanted to put something emotional out to balance it out," Puth tells Elvis Duran, then he says the water works happened when he was describing what the song is about. "I put everything into my music," he says, "I hide everything into melodies." The song he says will be titled "That's Hilarious," and it will show an emotional side to his upcoming album.

Puth also describes being a celebrity is weird to him saying, "The celebrity thing, I’m never going to get it," he continues, "I came into this thinking I would just be a songwriter." He then reveals New Yorkers are always the most respectful because they have other things to worry about, but everywhere else is crazy.

Puth also then talks about listening to our morning show since the beginning and we play him old show jingles that he may recognize! Watch above and be sure to listen to Light Switch out now!