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A Look At How Disney Rides Are Made From Someone On The Inside

Photo: Getty Images

All of us are huge Disney fans but especially Danielle Monaro.

We were given the opportunity to interview Liz Diaz, the Senior Ride Development Engineer at Disney. Diaz gets to be in charge of designing and building and creating the rides at Disney. "We are definitely about making these magical moments for everyone," Diaz tells the morning show about being the woman behind designing these rides that everyone loves so much.

As far as what goes into making a ride at Disney, some take awhile whereas other rides not so much. "Guardians of the Galaxy, this one for sure was years in the making," Diaz reveals, "but other ones is much shorter." When it comes to testing the rides, Diaz admits she is the first one to test it out, however there is a process. "We start even further back," Diaz explains, "We test each piece of equipment within the ride to make sure it works by itself... then we put dummies on, then people."

Diaz reveals more insight into Disney rides including information on Guardians of the Galaxy in Epcot as well as Tron Coaster in Magic Kingdom. Listen below to her full interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.