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Bethenny Frankel Raises $10 Million For Ukraine And Ukrainian Refugees

Bethenny Frankel joined the show today to talk about her BSTRONG foundation's effort to provide relief for Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees fleeing the country due to the ongoing conflict with Russia.

Frankel stresses the importance of not only bringing Ukrainian citizens leaving the country to safety, but also the importance of bringing aid into Ukraine .ie. medical, food, supplies, and more. "For the aid that's going into Ukraine, we check who are we partnering with that's trusted. Where are we distributing? Because where and how we are distributing is very important, we need to make sure we get aid to the right places. We are connecting with the refugees, getting their passport information, figuring out how many family members they have, and then making sure we partner with the right people to make sure we get them to where they need to get to."

Watch our full interview with Bethenny Frankel in the player above. Find out more and make your donation here.