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Jennifer Lopez Says Owen Wilson Is ‘Magical’ In 'Marry Me' Movie

Jennifer Lopez joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Friday to talk all about her new song and movie 'Marry Me.'

'Marry Me' comes out one week from today, but the song with Maluma is out now! "I hope people like it," JLo tells Elvis Duran on the show, "I've been working in the album a few years, filmed it [the movie] right before I did the Super Bowl and they kept holding it." JLo explains that the music coming from this movie and in her album is really "these characters," she explains, "I got to play with different types of music. It was such a fun project."

As for what brings the magic into the film JLo says co-star in the movie, Owen Wilson really brings the 'magical' feeling that you get watching the film. "First of all we have Owen Wilson there’s something magical about Owen himself. He grounds the whole thing."

Listen to our full interview with JLo below and be sure to see Marry Me in theaters or stream it on Peacock, Friday February 11th.