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The Chainsmokers Talk Vegas Residency + Potential Tour

The Chainsmokers are joining Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Zoom Friday to talk all about the release of their new song High, plus a potential tour!

"We've been gone on social media for two years," the guys tell Elvis Duran, "We took the beginning of 2020 to go away and refocus." They said they wanted to take some time away from music after putting out a new song every 6 weeks for a long time, "I don't think the music we were putting out was living up to our potential." Now The Chainsmokers are BACK and ready to give us an album of music, starting with this new song High! "It forced you to find alternative ways to be creative," they say talking about time in the pandemic.

The guys are now in Las Vegas for their residency going on their 5th year there. Alex and Drew say they will be there for the next two years and play in Vegas up to thirty times a year. That doesn't mean they don't want to hit the road and play other parts of the country and overseas. "We're trying to get out as quickly as we possibly can," they say before talking about the upcoming Super Bowl parties they will be performing at.

We can't wait to see the guys back on the road, but in the meantime catch them in Vegas and stream their song High now!