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Lin-Manuel Miranda Explains His Creative Process For Encanto

Lin-Manuel Miranda makes his Elvis Duran and the Morning Show debut to talk all about Encanto, his song 'We Don't Talk About Bruno,' and more about his creativity with the show.

"It's been amazing to see their reactions," Miranda says on his latest success with Disney movie, Encanto. What makes Encanto different from the other movies Miranda has seen from Disney? It's different because the story tries to hang onto as many characters throughout it as they can! Instead of being introduced to people like Moana's brothers in Moana, and then get lost in the story of the main character, Miranda wanted to use Encanto to explore the relationships of his characters.

For example, that's why his song 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' is so important to the story. "I think that for me story is the first thing," Miranda tells the morning show, "this song was my pitch." He continues, "Why don’t we do a gossip story? That way we can meet some of the characters that don’t have their own song." Who knew the success this song in particular though would have in pop culture over some of the other main songs of the story.

When asked by Gandhi, why he didn't submit this song for an Oscar to try and get that 'EGOT' for himself he replied, "No one could have predicted the success of the soundtrack or that Bruno would be the one to pop off." When they did submit the song to Oscar nominations, it was before the movie was released. However they did submit the song 'Dos Orguitas.' Miranda thought they should submit "the one that best exemplifies the movie of itself." He even reveals to the show that this song is the one that made his wife cry. "It's the song I'm really proud of."

Watch our full interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda above!