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First Trailer For 'Worst to First: The True Story of Z100 New York'

The official trailer for the documentary, Worst To First: The True Story of Z100 New York, has dropped and we are excited to share the story!

From Gunpowder & Sky, this documentary will show how our radio station, Z100 New York, home of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and iconic events like Z100 Jingle Ball, went from last in the ratings to one of the most successful radio stations of all time. The documentary takes you through how the legendary programming director, Scott Shannon took the radio station from 'Worst to First.'

The documentary features an artist filled cast including, Clive Davis, Nile Rodgers, Joan Jett, Jon Bon Jovi and many more. All of these legendary artists will share their personal stories with the our station as well as talk about their love of radio and music!

Worst To First is directed by award-winning producer / filmmaker Mitchell Stuart, making his first feature documentary after lots of TV work and other projects previously. Gunpowder & Sky will release Worst To First direct-to-VOD starting on February 11th, 2022. You can now pre-order the documentary here.