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Charlie Puth Writes The 'Fastest Song' On The Radio At 184 Beats Per Minute

Charlie Puth is back with a new song that is making our heads spin with how fast paced it is! "184 beats per minute," Puth tells Elvis Duran on Thursday morning, "fastest song on the radio."

Puth has put out a new song, "Light Switch" and it will instantly get stuck in your head. He says, "I get excited about brand new song day because this song in particular feels like one I haven’t put out before." Puth was really admit about creating a song with a sound effect in it. "I don’t have a song with a sound effect in it. I make music by being around people and of course I haven’t been around people in awhile. So I’m talking to myself in the shower and so I’m thinking I haven’t made a song with a light switch sound." He then wrote a somewhat slow song about not being able to turn his mind off. "I made a depressing song, so I upped the tempo."

Puth also talks about his recent conversation with a TikToker who talks about being rejected from The Juilliard School in New York for music. "I don't like seeing people cry," Puth says, "....He talks about being rejected from Julian’s and I got rejected from Juilliard." The advice he gave the student was, "You don’t need to have a schools validation to become everything you want to be."

With that, you can listen to Puth's full interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show below!