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11-Year-Old Boy Saves 2 Lives In Different Scary Scenarios On The Same Day

Gandhi sent me this story and it’s so wild, it almost seems fake.

So Davyon Johnson from Oklahoma is only 11 years old, and already he’s saved 2 lives. On 2 separate occasions, on the same damn day.

The day started normally at school, he was at the water fountain an heard a student whispering that he was choking. Apparently, the kid tried to open a water bottle with his mouth and the cap slipped down his throat.

Thankfully Davyon has YouTub’d the Heimlich maneuver, and saved his classmate.

THEN on the drive home later that night, he noticed smoke coming out of a house and told his mom to pull over, because he was sure it was on fire, and HE WAS RIGHT!

The fire was in the back, so Davyon’s mom called 911 while he knocked on the front door, and ended up escorting an older woman out of the home who could not move fast enough.

WOW! This kid was named an honorary police officer thanks to all he did that day, and I think we agree he deserves it.