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37-Year-Old Reunited With His Mother After Being Taken At 4 Years Old

I got a lot of great submissions while we were away but this was one of my favorites-

Li Jingwei is 37-years-old, and lives in north-central China with his wife and children. And although he’s had a familiar life for 33 years, Li knew he was adopted at a young age, after being taken from his home.

A neighbor lured him away with a toy when he was only 4, and all throughout his childhood drew maps of his village to cope with homesickness.

Well, he recently learned about other abducted children that were reunited with family, so he made a true effort to find his parents.

Amazingly, using a photo of his village drawn from memory, the police were able to identify the layout to a town in the mountains over 1,000 miles away, where a DNA test matched him with his mother who still lives there.

After an emotional phone call, the two reunited on New Year’s Day and you’ve got to see this video!

Li collapses and his mother cries about how she’s finally found her baby. It’s a punch in the gut, but ultimately beautiful. Thank you to everyone who sent this out!

Watch the video here!