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26-Year-Old Becomes Neighbor's Caregiver As She Battles Leukemia

It’s nice to be reminded that we each have the power to genuinely improve someone’s life.

That’s the exact power Chris Salvatore exercised in California back in 2012. Now the story just resurfaced on social, because it’s the anniversary, but Chis (who’s only 26) lived in an apartment complex with 84-year-old Norma Cook.

And for a while she was just the elderly woman who would stare at him from her courtyard, but soon they became friends.

And when Norma turned 89, was battling leukemia, and was having trouble taking care of herself, Chris decided to be her caretaker and invite her to live with him so she wouldn’t be alone for the rest of her life.

This sweet guy cooked for her, and they enjoyed drinking champagne and eating peanuts together. She survived only a few months after that, but Chris really did change her life in the most meaningful way. So we’re thinking of you, Chris, thank you for everyone who tagged me in this story!