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Contractor Builds Ramps For Wisconsin Parade Victims

The other day, as you might know, an SUV drove through a Christmas parade in Wisconsin, and a lot of people are in the hospital recovering. Well listener Chelsea Bach told me about Brock Held, who’s a contractor in the area.

Dozens of people will be in wheelchairs when they get out, but there’s no accessibility. So Brock decided to use his own money to start building wheelchair ramps at their homes!

He called it the Nameless Builders Project, because he didn’t want to give his company any attention, and has gotten so many donations that he won’t need to buy any more material! It’s beautiful, the town is totally taking care of him!

Brock said after the tragedy he didn’t want to complain, didn’t want vent on Facebook, he wanted to just do something that felt good.

And is right now building his second ramp for an 8-year-old boy who just left the hospital.

What a kind gesture, and strong act of community love!