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Woman Moves In With Friend Before Finding Out She's 6 Months Pregnant

Shannon Claudio said the Feel Goods helps keep her faith in humanity so of course, I wanted to feature her submission about the power of chosen sisterhood.

And I say “chosen,” as in the kind of people we decide are out family. Not blood.

On TikTok Sarah Hallas shared her story about how a couple years ago, she moved into her husband’s parent’s house with him, and he shortly after told her he didn’t want to be married anymore. That she had to go find somewhere else to live.

So, she got the divorce, and moved to Nashville with a friend she met on INSTAGRAM names Enaka, and learned she was 6 months pregnant with her ex’s baby a month later!

She is a first time SINGLE mom, had only 3 months to prep, and thought her new friend Enaka would leave her! Who wants to deal with a baby you didn’t know was coming.

Well instead of abandoning Sarah, she became the baby’s doula, and then basically became her son’s second parent.

The love between these three is beautiful, and I love the example of friendship-co-parenting!