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JAX Writes Parody Of Song ‘Like My Father’ For Elvis Duran

Singer, Tiktoker and longtime listener, JAX joined us on-air to talk all about her viral TikTok as well as her new song Like My Father.

"I went to bed one night with 1,000 views on something and woke up to a million for Stacy's Mom," Jax said about her viral TikTok during the pandemic where she took the point of view of Stacy's Mom from the famous song by Fountains Of Wayne. Now she has gone viral for writing a song to the words of a text she got from her ex-boyfriend whom cheated on her with her roommate. With the violin sounds of Lindsey Stirling, the song has gone viral and we played in on our show. After playing it we realized we MUST get JAX on-air with us!

However, we were surprised when Jax ended up surprising US with a song! Watch her full interview above and check out her song Like My Father out now!