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Teacher On 'Morning Bus Duty' Was Able To Stop Rolling Car

I think tooting your own horn is healthy from time to time! Especially when it’s about something like this!

Valerie Tauriello is a teacher at Soehl Middle School in Linden, New Jersey, and you know we love our teachers.

Well she was working outside for “morning bus duty,” greeting students, making sure they’re where they’re supposed to be, when a parent pulled up alongside the curb.

He ran inside to give his kid and iPad, but forgot to put the car in park! The car started rolling towards a group of sixth graders!

Thankfully Valerie snapped into action like 007 and hoped in that front seat before it ran up the curb!

Valerie? If you ever decide to stop teaching maybe you can look into working as a stunt double? Just a thought. You’re so badass!