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89-Year-Old Just Completed His PHD At Brown University

If you have a dream, and life got in your way a little, no it’s not too late. You can still accomplish that goal. 

Manfred Steiner is an astounding 89-years-old, and he just completed his Ph.D. in physics at Brown University. 

PLUS he’s working on a publication based on his 150-page dissertation. That is INCREDIBLE. 

Becoming a physicist was a childhood dream for Steiner, but he grew up in Austria during the war, so his mother told him to take up medicine. 

He had a long career, but once he finally retired, instead of being a normal lazy human (like I’m looking forward to being), he started up the career he always wanted! 

This story is so inspiring, thank you for showing us it’s never too late! 

The full story available here.