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Hero Veterinary Adopts Abandoned Dog Needing Life-Saving Surgery

Today’s Feel Goods is for anyone who wants to help save a dog’s life.

Listener Ashley Wilson’s good friend Lyndsay is a vet tech at Tufts Animal Hospital. And Lyndsay, has a true passion for saving these lives. The other day, a dog named Molly was brought in with a serious leg infection after being attacked by a coyote. And I know this will upset a lot of people (I was upset too), but the family asked to euthanize Molly. Lyndsay thought that she had a good shot of survival so instead, asked the family to surrender Molly to her. 

She got Molly the surgery she needed for her leg, though it still might have to be amputated. And although Lyndsay works crazy hours to help pay for these pups she saves, she still needs help so this time, she set up a GoFundMe. I donated last week, and if you can help at all, that would be amazing. DONATE HERE!

The world needs heroes like Lyndsay!!!