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Kind Street Performer Buys Meal For Man Digging Through Trash

I love the kinds of people who don’t turn a blind eye, even when it’s easy.

Liv Harland is a very talented singer from North Yorkshire, and pretty famous on TikTok. And she often sings in public, like a street performer! Well the other day, she was performing in some outdoor shopping area, when she noticed a man digging through the trash next to her. And he was holding a box of chicken nuggets someone tossed out.

So as her music was playing, she stopped mid performance, reached into HER box of tips, and asked him to please buy himself some fresh chicken nuggets, on her.

This was such a sweet gesture, and karma comes back around because right after, a spectator gave her twice the amount and said thank you. Such a sweet video, what a beautiful gesture from both people! Watch in the player above.