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4 Year Old Girl Who Vanished from Australian Campsite Found Alive

They say when you’re a parent, your worst fears are about the welfare of your child. So I can’t even imagine what Cleo’s parents were going through when she went missing.

She’s only 4-year-old! And she disappeared from a campsite sleeping feet away from her mother- get this- 18 DAYS AGO!

Of course, there’s been a massive search and as anyone who loves true crime content knows, the odds of finding someone goes down drastically after the first couple of days.

Welp, Deputy Police Commissioner Col Blanch said when they realized they’d found her, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Every officer was crying.

She was in a home a short drive away from her family, totally fine thank goodness, and the random guy whose home it is is under investigation.

There’s lots more to the story if you’re interested, here's more info!