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Fathers Create 'Dads On Duty' At School To Show Students Positivity

I feel extremely fortunate to have a dad who’s also a good friend, but not everyone is as lucky.

In Louisiana, 23 Southwood High School students were arrested in three days connected to outbursts of violence. This place needed help.

So, usually in this kind of situation, the school would be expected to step up. However, 5 fathers of students in that school, decided they would be a presence on the campus!

They said they would be able to show the students there are strong, positive example males there for them. They call themselves “Dad’s on Duty,” and for the past several weeks have taken turns so that one of them are always there, connection with the students.

One dad said there are some folks who don’t have a father, or don’t have such a great relationship with their own, so it’s their goal to let them see what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like.

What a beautiful idea! Such a generous donation of time and love.