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Bride Wears Gown Full Of Different Textures For Blind Husband

Beauty isn’t just something for the eyes to experience, it can be enjoyed by all of the senses.

Anthony and Kelly Anne just got married, and Anthony is a blind Paralympian!

The first look is a powerful moment for the bride and groom, and Kelly Anne wanted her husband to experience that in some way. So, instead of getting a dress for the look of it, she had one made for the touch!

Her tactile gown was a complete touch EXPERIENCE! With chiffon, lace, silk, and velvet. She told her groom nothing about the dress, and he got his first touch when she walked down the aisle.

For the record, the dress WAS beautiful to look at as well, but Anthony said he could picture his wife perfectly and she was stunning. What a beautiful way to start a marriage!