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Missouri’s South Central Correctional Facility Is Quilting For A Cause

How much do you guys love your jail mail?

Well if any of those letters come from the men at Missouri’s South Central Correctional Facility, they may be in the middle of doing something awesome.

Because a lot of these men have been QUILTING for a cause! Like, what my great aunt used to do. It’s amazing.

Over the past 10 years these incarcerated men have donated over 2,000 personalized quilts to children in the state’s foster care system, or auctioned them off for charity.

It’s a program based on rehabilitation, rather than punishment.

One inmate Fred Brown is currently working on a puppy quilt that will go to a 13-year -old boy, and said he was all in on this hobby when he learned he could bring a smile to a child’s face.

How lovely!