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Coldplay Says Working With BTS Has Been 'Really Natural'

Thursday morning, Coldplay's Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland join Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk all about their upcoming album Music of the Spheres, as well as working with BTS on song 'My Universe.'

"Originally it was conceived as an album of Britney covers, music of the spears," Martin jokes with Elvis Duran October 14th morning. He continues saying the album "really is just a place where we ca speak freely about being humans.... it's very free sounding music." That's how we feel after hearing Coldplay's song with BTS and it turns out that wasn't originally a part of Coldplay's plan.

"Someone said to us 18 months ago that BTS wanted to do a song with you," Martin tells the morning show. He continues to say they love BTS but they didn't think it was ever going to work. However when My Universe came about "it felt like this was the song for BTS and us to do," he continues explaining that it's about "love that's difficult that has to transcend borders." From there Martin says, "And then it felt very natural and an amazing experience, we love them deeply."

Martin then jokes that standing on the same stage as them makes them look like their uncles.. "7 gorgeous young men and they're standing in front of Mt. Rushmore," he jokes about the bands together!

Watch Coldplay's full interview with Elvis above!